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Experience our exclusive range of organic teas, spices, coconut, rice, fresh vegetables, and fruits. As Sri Lanka's premiere organic and fair-trade products exporter, we feel obliged to provide our products to those in the land of its origin, at the same quality with which we export it. We are also striving to make these products more accessible to all those who embrace the organic way.

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The Organic way. 


This was our 25th year anniversary initiative to give back to the people of Sri Lanka. We strongly believe that good, ethically sourced, organic food of international standards should be accessible to all people, and not just those in developed countries, where we mostly export. So as per our Chairman’s vision, ‘The Organic Way’ was launched in Sri Lanka, with our first ever range of products packaged under our own brand. Here, you will find a one-

stop shop for all your organic staples, with a selection of fresh, healthy, organically grown products fresh fruits and veggies that we re-stock frequently, and other Bio Foods classics, ranging from teas, spices, grains to traditional Sri Lankan sweets- basically, everything you need for a good Sri Lankan meal!

Since Bio Foods started out with teas, we have spoilt our customers for a choice of teas. From black teas, green teas, and various blends of expertly crafted flavoured teas, we have enough to thrill the most discerning tea lover. And let’s not forget that sweet tooth! We’ve got you covered with our Wild Candy range of authentic Sri Lankan sweet treats, from our 100% zero-sugar treacle sourced from pristine lands. Our similarly wonderful jaggery is made from this treacle, and is so pure, it melts on a hot tropical day. It is safe for those who are concerned about their sugar-levels, and just about everyone that is mindful of their health and wellbeing. And it doesn’t end there- all our teas and spices and export quality and internationally certified, and everything that we use (even our palm leaf baskets!) is fair trade. We have a no polythene/plastic policy in-store, which we try very hard to replicate in our packaging, because we believe that being órganic'shouldn't just end with the products that go inside your body. We also try to be mindful of what goes out on to our soil and into our waterways. In current era of climate change particularly, we believe that the choices we make as consumers are critical to both our own well-being, and that of the planet. As such, the ‘Organic Way’ is not just a shop to us, but a sustainable model of consumption, and a healthier lifestyle we can choose to adopt. So feel free to drop by, and become a part of this new (healthier) order! 

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