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Organic agriculture isn’t sustainable with just


So we did something about it.

After years of research with one of Sri Lanka's leading soil microbiologists and substantial investments, we figured it out.


What's our fertilizer made of? In a nutshell, six microbes that no longer coexist naturally in the soil were reintroduced to a substrate of animal waste that comes from control union certified farms, housing free range (unstressed) animals. Throw in some elbow grease and time and some more hard work, and our fertilizer is born.

But why is it special? In the industry of feeding people, sustainability has been thrown out the window for the sake of meeting demand. Conventional farmers seem to prioritize whatever means to gain the highest yield. However, we can't afford to continue with this way of agriculture, for the sake of our world and future generations. To identify the problem is the part of the solution, but it isn't a complete solution we can start handing out to people. Our company policy is to #BeTheChange. This is why our founder spent the time and money to complete the puzzle.


Our Chairman was asked at a conference how he planned to take on the industry giants that dominate the conventional agrochemical world. His response was that if you provided people with a better product, someday the people will win the fight for him. So he started with the biggest prevailing myth about the organic industry: That the organic yield simply can't compete with a conventional yield. After 4.8 billion years of trial and error, it was hard to imagine that nature hadn't already perfected her fertilizers, so we decided to go back to our roots (literally) and try to discover her secrets. After a far and wide search for friendly soil microbes, how to extract them. grow them in a lab, and find a substrate they can all grow and multiply in, we packed it up into a nice bag of fertilizer. Today, this is what we use to grow our fruits and vegetables in our organic farms. We've also been selling it to farmers for a few years. But this is a normal procedure: What makes this fertilizer groundbreaking?

Well, over those few years, the farmers reported much higher yields than they were receiving with their former conventional fertilizers. Here lies the better product we set out to create.

Today, over 85% of the customer base for this product are conventional farmers.

The proof is in the numbers.

You don't have to believe us though, so we are bringing it to you so that you can try it for yourselves, and truly feel the difference.

We might have just broken the wheel (Game of Thrones reference).

This is how we are trying to bring the change to you, the home growers, the passionate gardeners, the cooks who care about the quality (and not just the appearance) of their ingredients. And we are proud to bring to you this new reality, these new possibilities. We want you to join us and #BeTheChange, not because it sounds good conceptually, but because it can actually make your lives better.

The same bulk fertilizer bags (10 Kg) that we sell to our large and medium scale farmers are now available at the Kaduwela Organic Way outlet and the Good Market (on a special introductory offer). We are also working on a home gardeners range, so follow us on social media and don't forget to check back here for updates!

#OneSmallStepForMan   #LifeTheOrganicWay  #BeTheChange   


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