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Dr. Sarath Ranaweera (Ph.D)

Chairman - Founder

Educational Background

  • Ph.D. (Sri Lanka) in Bio Statistics.

  • M-Phil (Sri Lanka) in Food Science & Technology

Professional Bodies

  • Member of the Agricultural Engineering Society of Sri Lanka.

  • Member of the Applied Statistics Association of Sri Lanka.

Local Industry Appointments

  • Member of the Advisory Committee on Spices and allied Products Sector of Sri Lanka Export Development Board.

  • Member of the Board of Study in Bio-Statistics of the Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture.

  • Past President of Lanka Organic Agricultural Movement in Sri Lanka.

  • Former Advisor of National Organic Council.

  • Former Board Member of Regional Consultative Body of FLO.

  • Chair-person National Committee on organic agriculture of SLCARP

Foreign Appointments

  • Board Member of Network of Asian Fair trade Producers.

  • Board Member of the Trust of Organic Small Farmers (International NGO)

  • Former Board Member of the Standard Committee of FLO.

  • Former Member in Policy Analysis and Advisory Network for South Asia.

Foreign Appointments

  • Special type non-fermented Tea (Patent No: 11802)

  • A new withering unit for tea manufacture (Patent No: 13337)

  • Discovery of special enzyme in-activator for green tea processing. (Patent No.16466)

  • Currently BFL has exclusive rights for the use of these patents.

  • Discovery of special Enzyme inactivated for green tea processing – Patent No 16466

International Consultancies

  • Quality improvement of CTC teas and product development of new Organic green and black orthodox teas Mufindi Tea Company in Tanzania and Zimbabwe


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